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Get to work with amaryllis!

There is no flower that exudes elegance and grandeur like the amaryllis, with its magnificent flowers and stately stems. It is exactly what you need when it's cold and dark outside. Below, we suggest a few original ways to put the amaryllis in the spotlight and turn your shop into a flower fest.

Steal the show

Amaryllis is a good addition to a striking display in which attention is not directed to the flowers but to the stems! Decorate the stems with a piece of lace. Use a rough type to match the robust look of the flower. Another decorating idea: allow them to curl at the bottom by cutting into them slightly and give them some room in a spacious glass vase. Amaryllis stems are sometimes not strong enough to bear the weight of the flowers; a stick in the stem is then a solution to keep them upright. 

Upside down? 

Nothing is too crazy for the amaryllis. Attach the stems of this winter flower to a branch or rail above your table and allow the flowers to hang down. Or hang several amaryllises upside down on the wall – as a living flower painting. Pour a little water into the hollow stems, as this will keep the flowers beautiful for longer. 

On the counter

A collection of amaryllises in the form of a wreath looks fabulous on the counter. Thanks to their weight, the flowers easily stay in place. Obviously, you could also use an oasis ring as a base. Do punch holes in the oasis first, so that the stems can be inserted easily. 

If you want to shine a light on this must-have of the season, download the amaryllis window template and decorate your shop window in no time.

Download here