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Ice Cascade Cymbidium

Elegant and luxurious, that’s the Ice Cascade Cymbidium. This exclusive plant owes its name to the lush 'cascade' of white flowers. A dazzling bloom to look forward to.

The fresh green leaves provide a beautiful contrast with the flowers and give the plant its unique shape. If you are looking for a special plant that is just a little different than others, consider the Ice Cascade Cymbidium. 

The Ice Cascade Cymbidium is a plant that deserves to be put on a pedestal! Literally, so that her hanging flowers are beautifully accentuated. The Ice Cascade can add a touch of elegance to cool interiors and can easily be combined with all kinds of colours. The white flowers of the Ice Cascade Cymbidium will give every home a serene feeling. From Scandinavian austere, classic, to edgy; the plant fits perfectly in every style!

A plant for the connoisseur, the plant-lover, the enthusiast. The Ice Cascade Cymbidium is only available for a few months a year, so do not let the opportunity slip by to get hold of these beautiful plants. The Ice Cascade Cymbidium is available in our webshop from November to mid-February, offered in a tall pot with a hanging system.