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Your flower horoscope

Are you a prickly Scorpio, a dreamy Aquarian or a perfectionist Virgo? Here is the flower that suits you best.

01 Ram

21/03 – 20/04
Aries - Germini Pastini

This brightly coloured flower with its curly petals is a great match for your outgoing character.

02 Stier

21/04 – 21/05
Taurus - Rose

With your love of glamour, this pastel pink rose named is just right for you.

03 Tweelingen

22/05 – 21/06
Gemini - Peony

Peonies, with their extensive range of colours, are a true match for your multifaceted personality.

04 Kreeft

22/06 – 23/07
Cancer - Lily


Fantasising is your favourite thing to do, so gaze at this lily's colourful patterns and drift dreamily away.

05 Leeuw

24/07 – 23/08
Leo - Celosia

You like looking your best and appreciate a creative touch, so here's just the flower for you.

06 Maagd

24/08 – 23/09
Virgo - Dahlia

Perfectionism is second nature to you, and this enchanting flower is exactly that: perfect.

07 Weegschaal

24/09 – 23/10
Libra - Autumn hydrangea

An autumn hydrangea is always a good choice – ideal for someone who likes to keep things in balance.

08 Schorpioen

24/10 – 22/11
Scorpio - Thistle - Eryngium supernova

You might be a bit prickly but your charisma is simply supreme – just like a thistle.

09 Boogschutter

23/11 – 22/12
Sagittarius - Ilex Magical Times

Its red-orange berries have nothing to hide: perfectly suited to your personality.

10 Steenbok

23/12 – 20/01
Capricorn - Tulip Bell Song (fringed)

Success means everything for you, and this fringed tulip is at least as popular as you.

11 Waterman

21/01 – 18/02
Aquarius - Ranunculus

You're the idealistic dreamer bar none, so give your fantasy free rein with Ranunculus.

12 Vissen

19/02 – 20/03
Pisces - Magnolia

The aura of romance is your particular passion, so the enchanting Magnolia has to be the partner of your dreams.