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Forced shrubs

Forced shrubs are an extraordinary phenomenon. These are flowering shrubs produced mainly in the Netherlands for cut flower purposes. The shrubs stay outside year-round, except for the few weeks they spend in the greenhouse when they are in bloom.

After 4 weeks or so in the greenhouse, the flower buds have reached the right maturity and are cut. Finally, the shrubs are pruned back significantly and taken outside again to produce new flowers the following year. Which forced shrub will you use in your bouquet? 

A snowball as a cut flower?

Are you checking out the window every five minutes to see if it is snowing yet? With the Viburnum opulus Roseum, also known as the 'snowball', the wait is suddenly over! The stunning white, spherical flowers are a real eye-catcher in a bouquet. In prehistoric times, this flower had a different purpose. The long woody stems were used as arrow shafts. You would never guess it looking at this proud, radiant flower today. 

The flowering spectacle of lilacs 

Lilacs (Syringa) are another exuberant bloomer. This forced shrub has branches full of large flower clusters in colours ranging from pure white to dark purple. The latter variety also spreads a delightful fragrance, which is actually used to make perfume. A gentle, seductive scent that radiates relaxation and romance, a real must-have to enchant every visitor in your store!