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Ter Laak Orchids - Sustainability is coded in our DNA

“Ter Laak Orchids is a family business that has been specialising in Phalaenopsis cultivation since 1980. Our two nurseries (17.5 ha) in the Dutch village of Wateringen produce around 8 million plants every year.”

“The cultivation process from a cutting to a flowering orchid takes 1.5 years on average. Every day, we strive for top quality. We achieve this by using technical innovations and through continuous development of our product. Our sustainable methods also reflect Ter Laak's natural respect for people and the environment. We grow our plants in an energy-saving Daylight Greenhouse. Special lenses in its roof concentrate the rays of the sun onto a tube containing running water. This heats the water which can then be stored. We use this water to heat the greenhouse during nights and in winter, saving us 45-50% in energy!”

New brand Mimesis
“As of January 2021, we will be supplying our orchids under our new Mimesis brand. Mimesis is about emotion, sharing and connecting. After all, that is what our orchids do: they reflect our emotions and bring people closer together. If you want to find out more about the full story of Mimesis, read our brand story here.