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Zen with flowers & plants

Nowadays, our lives are increasingly busy and rushed. It’s time to slow down. Go back to our roots more often. We want to have less stress, take care of ourselves, and live a more healthy, balanced life.

Now, more than ever, we need a safe, serene home base. We want to unwind from the pressure to perform. Based on these desires, interiors transition into light, quiet spaces with a serene look. The products we see in these spaces have a matte to extremely matte surface, sometimes transparent or semi-transparent. To balance out the always ‘on’ outside world, the home is increasingly becoming a space for peace and quiet. Sustainability and social aspects keep consumption low; we go for quality rather than quantity.

Take a look at Asia and be inspired by their balanced way of living. Take “Wabi sabi” as an inspiration: a quintessential Japanese aesthetic. It is a philosophy that celebrates the beauty of imperfection, impermanence and transience. It means appreciating the beauty of things, just as they are.

Flowers and plants that fit into this trend are very carefully selected. Flowers are delicate and fragile in subtle colours. No over-the-top complete bouquets, but just a few loose flowers, arranged just so. Kind of like Ikebana (a Japanese art of flower arranging). Plants are selected for their beautiful designed or patterned leaves. The bonsai also makes a comeback. Take the time to take care of your plants and watch them grow. Slow is fast enough.