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Ten reasons to outsource category management

What supermarket or home improvement store wouldn't want this? A no-fuss plant and flower display that still makes a nice weekly contribution to a store's sales and appearance. It's actually possible.

More and more chains are choosing to outsource their tricky plant and flower section to a professional partner. Noviflora has a unique data-driven approach that guarantees success. Ten reasons to leave this kind of shelf management up to the professionals at Noviflora. 

1. A solution for a lack of expertise and personnel

Flowers and plants make up a modest percentage of a store's total sales. For this reason, this display receives relatively little attention. A store seldom has a category manager devoted just to flowers and plants. But without the expertise and personnel, it's difficult to get more out of this display. This will have an impact not only on sales but also on how the freshness of products in the stores is perceived.


2. Increased sales

Noviflora has shown that its professional remote shelf management can considerably improve sales figures. These are double-digit growth percentages, particularly during the first years. We consult with the chain’s management every year to draw up new sales objectives. Not to simply present some figures, but to ensure those challenges are realised day after day.

3. Reduced losses

An ultra-fresh product group like flowers and plants has a high risk of losses. Since Noviflora knows the demand for these products and their changing seasonal supplies better than anyone, we use this information to draw up a weekly order proposal per shop. By provisioning the stores appropriately - not too much and not too little - we minimise losses. Often by more than 50% as compared to a standard provisioning programme!


4. Margin guarantees

Every year, we arrive at an agreement about the profits the retail chain should make from our products by the end of the year. It's actually a guarantee that we promise to keep.


5. Unique display concept

We devise a unique display concept for each retail chain: one that responds to the look of its stores, their target group and their core values. This is something we can develop in the form of banners and information material, suitable brand sleeves or especially designed display stands and presentation materials.

6. Shelf-ready 

The products arrive at the store ready for the shelf: in roll cages or buckets, in the chain's brand sleeves, with the price and expiry date already marked. The 3D presentation showing the display shows the store personnel exactly where the products should be placed. 


7. Support for store personnel

We'll supply the right assortment at the right time. The store personnel cares for the products on the retail floor, and removes the products from the display once the expiry date is reached. Our account managers will assist and train the store personnel in this.

8. Data-driven predictions

Based on sales figures from the previous weeks and  year, weather predictions, and knowledge of upcoming vacation days and salary payments, we can do a very good job of estimating which products will sell well in the coming week and the quantities that will have to be available in the store. 


9. Decisions based on analyses

Our decisions are based on analyses. We receive daily feedback in the form of cash register data. If the results of a promotional folder featuring orchids don't turn out as expected, we can switch to Plan B. Regularly, we analyse and assess the results, challenges and growth possibilities. 


10. Making things easier

In short: Noviflora makes everything - from A to Z - easier. Makes sense, right? After all, that's what partners for life do.