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Indoor hydrangeas – the messengers of spring

A crystal ball may predict the future, but a ball of coloured flowers will tell you spring is on its way. And spring is precisely what you bring into your home with hydrangeas, whether you prefer red, purple, pink, white, blue or green.

Their delicate petals make for a delightful contrast with the sturdy dark green leaves and woody stems. What's more, hydrangeas also contribute to healthy indoor humidity levels. Symptoms such as dry skin, headaches and dry eyes will fade away. What better way to improve your mood?

Which one is the perfect match for you?

Pink, white, purple, blue or green. This lovely plant comes in almost every colour imaginable, so there is surely one that perfectly matches your room. And did you know that in addition to so-called mophead hydrangeas with spherical flowers, there are also cone-shaped, bi-colour and lacecap varieties?

Power plant

The hydrangea first made its way to Europe at the end of the eighteenth century and is also known under the name ‘hortensia’. However, the exact origins of that name remain unknown. It is said that the name was inspired by Hortense de Nassau. This sassy lady was part of a botanical expedition around the world. In other words, hortensias are most likely named after a real powerhouse of a woman!