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Harmony by nature – Ikigai Oxalis

Happiness can be explained in many ways. But we all look for, balance, satisftaction, and a course in life which combines in harmony. A unique explanation of happiness in life is Ikigai.

A Japenese way of giving purpose to life. According this Japanese tradition each individual has his own Ikigai, something we would describe as ‘a reason to jump out of bed each morning’. Following this tradition, Ikigai is the key to a long and joyfull live. With Ikigai Oxalis you bring harmony into your store and you give your customer a unique piece of happiness, while every  vartiety holds an special message. 

Oxalis Triangularis

The Oxalis Triangularis stands for willpower and wisdom. With this Oxalis you learn to understand what is important in life and what is not. Open yourself to deeper wisdoms and make yourself aware of the power of thoughts and letting go of them. Root to rise; give the other the strength to go through personal growth.

Oxalis Papillonicea

Back to basics, a sense of tranquility, as if you were outside in nature. The Oxalis Papillonicea is a vibrant plant, the fresh green leaves stand for development and zest for life. It teaches us to live and feel from your heart. Give yourself a green, positive boost with this Oxalis Ikigai.

Oxalis Mijke

Let yourself or someone else blossom with the Oxalis Mijke. Accept yourself as you are, so you can love others for who and what they are. Cherish the bond you have with your loved ones and appreciate your friendships. With this 'Blooming Spirit' you share your unconditional love.