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The power of scent for better sales

Even the slightest hint can take you back. A whiff of something that reminds you of summer in France with your first love in 1984, or visiting your potpourri-loving grandma every Sunday.

Smell is one of the most powerful senses. Did you know the smell of plants and flowers can help increase sales in your store? So get started with this power in your own shop! 

Everyone knows the visual aesthetics of a shop are important – we buy with our eyes, after all – and even music can strongly influence buyer decisions. According to this study, people are more tempted to buy an expensive bottle of wine when they hear classical music. Smell doesn’t seem like an obvious sense to influence buyer experience, but it’s just as, if not more, important than the other senses. In a store with an appealing scent, casual walk-ins increase by 150%. People also feel more positive, tend to stay longer, and spend more money. Impulse purchases can even increase by 38%. And in a ladies’ department, the smell of vanilla can even double sales! 

With the right plants and flowers, it’s easy to create a pleasantly scented store. For a sensual vibe, go for cherry blossom. A relaxing atmosphere can be created with lavender. Roses work well in any situation and the scent of rosemary can help create the smell of freedom and adventure. Choose a scent that fits your retail space and start using the power of smell!