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Transport yourself to the tropics

Whether you are yearning for your exotic holiday destination or want to create a nice tropical atmosphere in your shop: with some well-chosen flowers and plants you can imagine yourself in the tropics. Welcome to the jungle!

Gloriosa – Small exotic climbing plant

Since bright colours work really well in a tropical theme, Gloriosa is a perfect fit. Deep red, bright pink, or orange with saffron yellow: this delicate flower is bursting with flaming energy. In the wild, Gloriosa pulls itself up with the small tendrils at the end of the leaves, looking to climb ever higher, just like hands on a ladder. They can reach heights of up to three metres in the wild. As a pot plant or cut flower, they (fortunately) stay much smaller, but are no less sensational.

Hibiscus – Coloured jack-of-all-trades

With its shiny leaves and abundance of bell-shaped flowers with stamens, Hibiscus creates the ultimate jungle feeling. But this plant has much more to offer! Some varieties are used to make hibiscus tea, which is very beneficial for your health. In India, the petals are used to polish shoes and in Polynesia they use the fibres of the hibiscus bark to make hula skirts. If you prefer to just enjoy the plant, simply put Hibiscus in your garden and wear a flower in your hair occasionally, as they used to do in old Hollywood films!

Protea – South African beauty 

The flowering Protea, also known as sugarbushes, cannot be big enough. But it is also over-the-top exotic and unsurpassed in terms of its beauty. The coloured, often hairy, bracts form a giant 'rainforest' in and of themselves. In addition to that, you get a mysterious centre and a sturdy stem too. Solo in a vase, but also in a bouquet or as a pot plant: this flower takes every opportunity to shine. In short: with this South African beauty, there is never a dull moment.

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