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Hay fever-proof bouquet

No matter how beautiful nature may look at this time of year, if you suffer from hay fever, that wonderful spectacle will only lead to itchy eyes and continuous sneezing. However, your customers no longer need to go without their daily dose of flowers.

You can make a special hay fever-friendly bouquet, filled with flowers that don't contain as much pollen, which you customers can tolerate (or at least more so).

Snapdragons (Antirrhinum) is quite a gentle type, despite its forbidding name. With its long stem, lush flowers and gentle scents, it will add a pinch of elegance to your bouquet, without spreading much pollen.


The Latin name of this flower is derived from the word 'astrum', which means star. Not only is it a star in this hay fever-proof bouquet, but it is also still used in medicine as a herb for its stomach-strengthening substances and it is also a favourite flower among honeybees!


Fortunately, this classic beauty comes in all kinds of shapes, colours and sizes, to give every bouquet a different twist. Roses spread very little pollen, so they are a safe choice for anyone suffering from hay fever. If your customer is extremely allergic, add densely budded varieties to the bouquet.

Old man’s beard

Hay fever-friendly old man’s beard, also known as Clematis, will bloom throughout most of summer. The light-purple flowers give this hay fever-friendly bouquet a cheerful, lovely look. No wonder it's such a popular bloom!


Gypsophila is the perfect team player among flowers. Its green branches and tiny flowers will complete almost every bouquet. Please note: there is great variety in the different types of gypsophila when it comes to pollen. Varieties with double flowers, such as Gypsophila paniculata 'Flamingo', contain a low amount of pollen.

Make your customers who suffer from hay fever happy: get started with this hay fever-proof bouquet.