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Spreading happiness with seasonal products - Kuivenhoven Poeldijk

Kuivenhoven Poeldijk is the epitome of a family business. The Dutch nursery was established over 100 years ago, so now the fourth generation – Piet Kuivenhoven and his wife Carolien – is now in charge.

Piet's pioneering spirit, which he inherited from his father and which prevails throughout the company, has enabled the business to transition from growing vegetables to producing high-end seasonal ornamental products.


So what high-end seasonal products do they grow exactly? First of all, they grow Campanula for retail under the brand name Addenda. Additionally, Kuivenhoven Poeldijk grows Helleborus for another premium brand. These so-called Christmas Roses are part of the Helleborus Gold Collection. But other seasonal products are also part of the family business’ range. Kuivenhoven Poeldijk brings joy to consumers throughout Europe with Gazania, Dipladenia, Osteospermum, Saxifraga, Poinsettia and with Senetti and Princettia products. Kuivenhoven is also striving to run the business more sustainably, for example by installing over 700 solar panels on the roof last year.