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Every plant is beautiful in its own way, however some are more stunning than others. With their leaves different in size, colour, pattern, texture and form it can be the WOW factor each space needs.

The possibilities are endless, you only have to trust on the designs of mother nature. Sometimes you can’t believe how she came up with designs like this. 

The leaf patterns of the Calathea, for instance, are endless; some with an even more dazzling leaf drawing than the other. The beauties have originated from the rainforest. Besides its beauty, the plant has a quiet intelligent character. Throughout the day their leaves are widely apart, therefore they all have a place to gain as much sunlight as possible, while during the night they crawl to find comfort in each other. 


When you are looking for the perfect combination; a beautiful and easy-care plant, then choose the Aglaonema. The plant is recognized for its lucky charm, with every kind its own story. Leaves with dots, stripes and splashes indicate happiness, red symbolizes a house where it is never cold and marks of silver repel poverty.