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Foresee 2022 in your glass ball

A carefree new year because of our plants in glass. They are almost or completely self-sufficient, how convenient! Nowadays, there are many options, such as a terrarium and plants in water.

A terrarium is a closed ecosystem; once the glass gets foggy, the water eventually runs down the glass and gets absorbed by the moss and the plant, like a succulent or an Anthurium. With the terrarium it is no longer a guess if the plant is in need of water. The fog on the glass indicates that the plant is doing fine, however yellow moss expresses it’s in need of a bit of water. Almost completely self-sufficient; perfect for anyone who doesn’t have green fingers.

Looking for the perfect gift that could last a lifetime? A sustainable one, that is also trendy, stylish and the perfect accessory as it fits in every interieur. Then the terrariums are the answer!

Pretty similar to the terrariums are water plants, though these plants are living underwater. One of our favourites are the Marimo balls. They grow slowly, but certainly with approximately 5mm a year. The Marimo balls are commonly referred to as moss balls, but actually they are algae bulbs. The balls can live up to 100 years. Yes, you heard it right, live. 


According to legends, the Marimo balls derived from forbidden love. When the two lovers fell into the water their hearts collided and transformed into Marimo balls, that have lived on ever since. The balls represent good luck, and who doesn’t need that when entering the new year?