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Discover the beauty of Sa-nook® - Fransen Orchideeën

Sa-nook® stands for absolute excellence in Dendrobiums. Sa-nook brings the beauty of Thailand also to Europe with varieties, specially selected and developed for the European market.

Selected with passion in Thailand and grown with craftsmanship in the Westland, Netherlands. Each Dendrobium is cultivated under ideal conditions at a specially selected nursery in the Netherlands. The result is reflected in the Sa-nook series with brilliant Dendrobiums in different colours and a long shelf life. What is unique about Sa-nook is that you can also order these by type!


Lots of fun with Sa-nook®!

Sa-nook® is not only the brand name of a very special series of Dendrobiums. It is also a word in Thailand, the country where the Dendrobiums come from. Sa-nook is even a word that the Thai (the inhabitants of Thailand) often use: when they are having fun. And that happens very often. Thailand is not known as the land of smiles for nothing.

Not just a word, but a way of life

Sa-nook stands for having fun with one another, for joy about something or someone, for enjoying a nice day or something else. Those who know the country a bit know that the residents are often very ‘Sa-nook’. Almost everything is Sa-nook. Having fun is even a way of life there: do not worry about today, just enjoy life. It is a motto that we in the West, with our busy schedules, could perhaps learn something from. And how can we make a better start than by bringing a real Sa-nook Dendrobium into our home?


Also enjoy the Sa-nook feeling!