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The healing power of plants

We are increasingly aware of the power of nature. Some plants are more than just pretty to look at, they can also be used as a natural cure for ailments or beauty problems.

So save your customers a trip to the pharmacy and tell them about the benefits of the healing power of plants.

Nowadays herbs are indispensable in our kitchen, however in our bathroom they aren’t commonly used. But did you know that plants like Rosemary and Thyme also treat body complaints? With a little work you can create the products yourself. Make a body butter out of Rosemary for instance, to fight acne, stress, sore muscles and bacteria. While we are still a bit hesitant, the Greek and the Romans already knew that thyme can be used as a medicinal herb against lung diseases, rheumatism, paralysis, stomach cramps, headaches and nerve pain. And a mask of thyme also appears to be good to treat those irritating spots.

While some medicinal plants lack the attention they deserve, other powerful plants are already widely known for their healing abilities. Such as an Aloe vera to soothe irritated skin, lavender to evoke sleep and eucalyptus to cure a budding cold. Pretty much everything you need in a situation of crisis is already at home, so use their full potential in the most literal sense. Got a sunburn? Cut an (old) leaf off your Aloe plant and rub its juice on your skin. Feeling a bit stressed? Place a blooming gardenia in your bedroom and get a good night’s sleep. 


What is a better gift for Mother’s Day than a beauty spa at home. They are always busy, arranging everything for everybody and tend to forget themselves along the way. So get creative with medicinal plants and spoil the special women in your live with a homemade mask, body butter and other natural creations.