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Hold on to me

Everyone needs help to grow, and so do climbing plants. That’s why climbing poles are used: a pillar on which they can lean to grow in heights and gain strength to shine.

While the commonly used sticks are made out of non-recycle materials, the brand new Kratiste Climbing Poles are 100% compostable. Made out of elephant grass, potato peels, cornstarch and sugar cane. A new green alternative, which should be the new standard if you’d ask us! 

The rough structure of the pole doesn’t just look very cool and natural, it’s also practical. In Greek ‘Kratiste’ means ‘hold on’, which states that it offers the plant a good grip and ensures that water is retained. The poles are produced in the greenest way and only materials of the highest quality are used. During the growth of the elephant grass and the other ingredients, no pesticides, plastic or other harmful substances are used. Everthing for sustainable plant support. 


We love it, hope you do too! Check the assortment of climbing plants with Kratiste poles underneath.