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Sun worshippers

After a period of hard work everybody loves to escape from the daily routine and enjoy a well-deserved vacation. But who’s going to take care of the plants in the backyard while being on holiday?

Especially nowadays, when the summers are getting warmer and dryer, this might be a challenge. But there are actually many plants that adore the sun, are heat-resistant and only need a little water. Perfect for the travellers amongst us.

To find the perfect candidates, imagine yourself being in the desert. One of the driest places on earth, for which Mother Nature created natural flora to survive in. The looks and characteristics are designed to last extreme draughts, such as the deep taproots, minimal foliage or a protective coating on the leaves, slow growth and thick stems (to store water). The most famous plant of the desert is the cactus. Their roots go just below the surface, so when the rain finally falls it absorbs all the water. The water is stored in the stems, so it can feed itself when necessary. 

Besides cactuses, other safe choices are Yucca’s or succulents, like an Agave and Aeonium. They store water in their leaves, so they can beat the heat. Sedums and Crassula’s, are part of the category ‘cannot go wrong’. Crassula is seen as the green chameleon amongst garden plants that can handle all kinds of weather conditions. It is a seasoned survivor, so draughts and colds isn’t a problem for him. Sedum doesn’t mind high or low temperatures as well and will bring some colour into the garden. This isn’t only appealing to us but also to butterflies, bumblebees and honeybees. 

All these plants are not only perfect for sunny weather, but also very easy for starting gardeners or people who don’t have green thumbs. Without much attention they will let the garden thrive. Now everyone can be away from home with a peace of mind. 


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