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Mysterious moss

Moss can be compared to a green carpet, that somehow looks enchanting and mysterious. There are multiple kinds of moss, different in colour and texture, each with its own purpose. Great for in the garden, or how about a moss painting to green up the indoors?

Harmonious garden

Strong species of moss, like ‘Forest moss’, can be a great alternative for grass or as an attractive filler in between a flagstone path. Since they tolerate it when people walk on them and they are relatively pest and disease free. Moss will bring every garden to live, but in a calming way. It radiates rest and harmony, that’s also why moss it is commonly used in Japanese gardens. In the summer some species even grow small flowers, how cute!


Living art 

Are you always looking for fun, green accessories for your customers? Something different than a plant? A moss wall or painting is the answer and will bring every interior to live. It’s modern, fresh, natural and dampens the acoustics. Another big advantage, for everyone who isn’t a big fan of cleaning, is that it absorbs dust. This jewel of nature transforms a simple plain wall into a green oases and has endless possibilities in design, thanks to the wide variety of mosses.

See all our different kind of moss underneath.