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Noviflora news

Sustainable bulbs

There’s no such thing as being too eco-friendly! At Noviflora, we’re always looking for new ways to make our packaging and production processes as sustainable as possible, and we’ve noticed that growers are working on this as well.

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Get creative with the French Tulip

We all know the regular tulip, but have you heard of a French tulip? This tulip has a long, strong and elegant stem with large, shapely flowers, and continues to grow in the vase. Because of its height, this tulip is particularly suited to be used in spring flower art. Let’s take a look!

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Brand NEW!

This month's Favourites. A new unique collection of plants and pot plant arrangements is perfect to create an atmospheric ambiance.

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Trend report

Let's go outside

Can you smell those first signs of spring? Blooming flowers, warm sunshine, freshly cut grass; it’s the natural world that beckons us outdoors. We want to venture outside, work in our garden, surrounded by plants and flowers with that fresh spring look, to feel like we’re part of it all.

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Vlog orchid expert Arno Zwinkels

Orchids is the specialty and passion of our plant expert Arno Zwinkels. Through his years of experience, he has gained a lot of knowledge. Dendrobium is central in this vlog. What makes this plant so special?

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