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Added value

Happy flowers with ethylene-free fruit

It looks so lovely, elaborate bouquets with a hint of decorative fruit. Now that fall is finally back in town, we’d love a serving of decorative gourd or pumpkin with our flowers. But did you know that some decorative fruit is bad for floral health? We found the fruit your flowers will love.

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Duyvesteyn Plants – We grow ‘green’ air

For more than 25 years, the Duyvesteyn Plants nursery has specialised in the cultivation of various green plants perfect for interior planting. Delivering top quality plants is their main concern, with a large assortment ranging from a Dracaena to a Yucca, Polycias and Beaucarnea.

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Trend report

Autumn Mood

As the weather turns, the mysteries of the forests reveal themselves. Get inspired by the fairy tale colours of autumn and the poetry of falling leaves.

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Noviflora news

Let's grow together

Profit is not something to add on at the end. It's something to plant from the beginning. We want to help our customers achieve the best results.

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Busy with berries

As part of a floral arrangement, bouquet, decorations, or flying solo in a vase. You can find a suitable berry for every event or season. Some berries have shapes and colours you can hardly find anywhere else in nature, giving your arrangements that unique something extra.

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Indoor plants

Saintpaulia Bloomies

The Saintpaulia Bloomies are back! This small and double-flowered plant, also known as African violets, is available in white, red, blue, pink, blue-white and pink-white. Browse our assortment in the webshop.

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Outdoor plants

Fall vibes with shrubs

With their spectacular autumnal colours, these shrubs treat us to a whole new season. The leaves turn from green to flaming orange, fiery red, and copper brown.

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