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Indoor plants

Finest Zantedeschia

The Calla lily is mostly known for her coloured bracts, which you can find in pink, orange and red. We selected the prettiest blooming beauties with a minimum of 5 flowers for our Finest collection, available in our webshop now!

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Outdoor plants

Garden Orchid

There are a lot of different species of Orchid that survive in almost all parts of the world. For all varieties counts that they go into hibernation during the winter and come back in the Spring to show their beautiful flowers.

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Vreugdenhil Young Plants

Vreugdenhil Young Plants is a professional, dynamic plant nursery focused on cultivating vegetable plants. They are our partner in supplying edible pick-your-own vegetable plants for our label The Kitchen Garden.

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Noviflora news

A visit to idyllic San Remo

San Remo is well known for its ‘flower Riviera’, so of course we had to go for a visit. Together with a group of florists from Interflora, we toured around a few growers in the area.

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Healthy workers means less sick leave

Dry, tired eyes, a stuffy nose, dizziness, and headaches; these are just a few of the health complaints common in an average office environment. A healthier work space can decrease these complaints, with less sick leave as a result.

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