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Let's go outside

Can you smell those first signs of spring? Blooming flowers, warm sunshine, freshly cut grass; it’s the natural world that beckons us outdoors. We want to venture outside, work in our garden, surrounded by plants and flowers with that fresh spring look, to feel like we’re part of it all.

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Vlog orchid expert Arno Zwinkels

Orchids is the specialty and passion of our plant expert Arno Zwinkels. Through his years of experience, he has gained a lot of knowledge. Dendrobium is central in this vlog. What makes this plant so special?

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Outdoor plants

Magical blossom

The cherry blossom festival - hanami matsuri - is an ancient tradition in Japan. Blossoms represent new beginnings and the Japanese celebrate this when the cherry trees are in bloom. In Japan, these flowering cherry trees (Prunus sakura) symbolise the things in life that we cannot control ourselves. Weather conditions have an influence on how long the blossom lasts; similarly, fate determines the blossom period of a person’s life. For this reason, it is important to fully enjoy this spectacular flowering period while it lasts.

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Grape hyacinth

Muscari are commonly referred to as 'grape hyacinth'. It's hardly surprising, given their resemblance to a small bunch of grapes. Contrary to popular belief, the flowers are not always blue. Muscari also come in other colours, such as white and pink.

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De Hoog Orchids

Where passion for the product, expertise and technology are united. At De Hoog Orchids. Dendrobium Nobilé is their speciality.

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Indoor plants

Magnificent magnolia

As is the case with some people, there are also some flowers and plants that have it all: they are beautiful inside as well as outside. One plant that fully meets this description is the Magnolia.

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