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Trend report

Artisan vibes

Craftsmanship and artisanal handicraft: that’s where it all started before machines became our means of production. Our desire to return to simpler times, while at the same time bravely and boldly face the future, has created new opportunities for craftsmanship.

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Stofbergen Plant Company – Passion for bromeliads

Stofbergen Plant Company has a passion for bromeliads. For more than 30 years, they have been supplying a range with a wide variety of shapes, colors and pot sizes. The bromeliads are divided into a number of product lines such as the well-known bromeliads and guzmanias, the new compact types and a number of unique specials such as the tillandsias and pineapple.

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Planthunter Stan

Follow your favourite Hunter, witness their adventures, and be amongst the very first to see and order newly ‘hunted’ products on the Hunter-tool.

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Noviflora news

New in our webshop - take a look at 'more from this grower'

We want to help our customers get the best results. Whether this means the freshest flowers and plants, effective sales promotion concept, or higher profits per square metre. To achieve this, we are constantly looking for improvements that will help them and encourage them to buy from us. This time, it's a new function we've added to our webshop: 'more from this grower'.

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Destination Floral Festival

Summer is the time for enjoying meadows full of wildflowers and putting a floral wreath on your head. But it's also about having cheerful summer flowers in every colour of the rainbow in and around your home to make it just as inviting as life outdoors. Take a look at our assortment of summer flowers, choose a mix of bright colours, and let your customers celebrate the season with flowers!

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Trend report

A neo mint green year

Technology and nature, two seemingly opposite elements that play an increasingly larger role in our lives. This trend will continue next year, and perhaps more than ever. Just think about the kind of future you envisioned in the year 2020 as a kid- robots, teleportation, flying cars, a city on Mars, perhaps?

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Indoor plants

Destination Desert

What about plants that love the sun so much that they can tolerate it all day long? Perfect for your customers who don't have green fingers or little time (or interest) in watering every day. These sun-worshippers revel in the warmth of hot summer days. They're the perfect solution for carefree garden pleasure. Take a look at our heat-tolerant plants.

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