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Botanical Showpiece

Botanical Showpiece is Noviflora’s platform for ‘trending topic’ plants. Our plant hunters not only follow, but predict the newest trends in lifestyle and home decor, making sure the selected plants are always in sync with the popular developments in the world.

Urban Green
Botanical is still one of the most important interior trends. Our Urban Green collection features a selection of extraordinary, conversation piece houseplants that fit perfectly into any new plant lover's interior. All selected plants are easy to take care of, and thus serve as a care-free introduction to the world of plants. The plants come with matching terracotta plant pots.

Beauty Atelier

Welcome to the Beauty Atelier: a collection of powerful plants widely known for their healing abilities. An Aloe vera to soothe the skin, lavender to evoke sleep and eucalyptus to cure a budding cold. With detailed instructions and suggestions of use, we want to encourage the modern plant lover to get intimate with their plants and use their full potential in the most literal sense.

The Beauty Atelier collection is part of our Botanical Showpiece label, and aims to transform the world of homemade cosmetics. The plants are grown responsibly by MPS-certified growers, and are delivered in terracotta pots and matching platters. 


Avant Garden
Think you don't have room for a garden? Think again! No matter how small or concrete your balcony or patio, there's always a garden to be made. A real urban jungle just looking for the right plants.

Enter the new Avant Garden collection. Like the name suggests, the collection is a new and experimental assortment of plants, picked specifically to fit the developing trend of urbanisation. The old definition of a garden is slowly making way for a wider interpretation, leaving room to fill new outdoor spaces with the loveliest plants.

A gorgeous, large-leaved philodendron, for example, or a bright green dicksonia fern, or a tropical, flowering canna lily. Unique plants that spruce up any outdoor space, turning even the greyest city patios into green hangouts.

The plants can be delivered with a ready to go terra cotta red or grey pot, so the plants can go straight from the store to the balcony. Or order the plants without a pot, so you can mix and match until you create the perfect urban jungle set. 


Botanical Baby
Sometimes, small is just big enough. A giant palm next to your desk in the office might sound great, but it's far from practical. To make sure even the most cramped spaces have access to their share of green, we are happy to introduce the newest and smallest members of our Botanical Showpiece label.

Botanical Baby is a collection of characteristic miniature plants that provide a touch of green without taking up too much space. A cozy corner of a bookcase, shelf in the kitchen or even a cupboard in the bathroom- these leafy little ones are small enough to fit anywhere.

Delivered in a lovely terracotta plant pot, the mini-plants also make for the perfect green gift. The current collection consists of 6 different plants, available in pot size 7cm. You can order the plants per kind or as a mixture of different plants.