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The very best products from the most talented growers, picked by our experienced product specialists to charm, surprise and move your customers. Plants with a heart and a story to tell. That’s Finest.

Finest is the ultimate quality label of Noviflora. The plants are especially selected by our product specialist from among the best nurseries. The Finest growers have a true passion for cultivating plants with love, thereby achieving the very best quality.

Let us take you on a journey past growers and their nurseries, product specialists and their plant scouting tales, and the passionate florists who want only the best for their loyal customers.


For Finest, quality stands for guaranteed healthy, full-bodied plants that last for a long time. Only the very best plants are designated to Finest Selection. Furthermore, the plants are cultivated using environmentally friendly methods.

  • Premium collection plants
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Striking packaging range
  • Grown environmentally friendly
  • Cultivated with love





Thijs van der Valk | OK plant
Proud grower of Phalaenopsis 9 cm

OK Plant was founded in 1990 and specializes in little, pot size 9cm orchids and various seasonal, flowering plants. The people at OK Plant put quality before everything and they show a real passion for the product. “Eventually, the people who cultivate and grow the plants play the most crucial part when it comes to creating quality products. Working closely together with Noviflora, experimenting side by side, and sharing information and insights helps us create the best products possible, says Thijs.”  




Ad Bouman | Ad Bouman Plants
Expert in growing high quality Buxus

Ad Bouman founded his nursery in 1988. In 2003, he started growing the Buxus, a fascinating and challenging plant to grow. In each of our Buxus plants you will see their dedication and love. Ad Bouman is the only grower who goes above and beyond to meet our expectations. His Buxus are the Rolls-Royce of Buxus plants. Read more >



Special small packaging for florists

Finest plants are available in a stylish box with a small, durable packaging unit. Ideal for professional florists and flower arrangers. The fashionable box carries the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-quality label (

Finest plants are available exclusively at Noviflora.

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