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Finest – our ultimate quality label

The most beautiful flowers and plants, cultivated by the most talented growers, and personally checked by Kees, our inspector. Our very best brand and our ultimate quality label - that is Finest.

Inspector Kees checks every flower and plant for the highest quality. Only when they meet the most stringent quality requirements will they be added to the top selection and given our famous five-star quality label. Only the most luxurious and premium products are eligible.

“The customer should always be able to trust that Finest really is the best of the best in every aspect. The Finest label is literally my signature on the tray as proof that I have personally checked it.” – Kees, Finest inspector

At Finest, craftsmanship is paramount. The range consists of flowers and plants that have been specially selected by our product specialists and come from the very best growers. Growers who are passionate about their products, which is reflected in the quality.

Ad Bouman founded his nursery in 1988. In 2003, he started growing the Buxus, a fascinating and challenging plant to grow.

“We want to grow the very best Buxus, and an ambition like that takes time. For Finest, we pick only the most handsome plants in the nursery. To grow a plant that meets the high standards of Finest, you have to start at the very beginning, when the plant is nothing more than a sprig. An outdoor plant like the Buxus needs that extra attention to detail.”

Finest flowers and plants are cultivated with great care and attention, where possible in an environmentally friendly manner (minimum MPS-A), and are exclusively available at Noviflora. To be eligible for the Finest qualification, products must clearly distinguish themselves in terms of shelf life, cultivation method, individuality and aesthetics. Our growers ensure that the flowers and plants always meet these quality requirements, which is continuously checked by our inspector Kees. 

Where possible, we make sustainable choices for our Finest range. You can recognise Finest by the stylish label or the sticker on the tray. The trays are made of the most sustainable materials possible with the FSC quality mark; for every felled tree, a new one is planted. In addition, the label is made of bamboo and therefore 100% environmentally friendly. 

If you want to offer your customers the most beautiful flowers and plants of the highest quality, filter on 'Finest' under the heading 'Current' in our webshop to order your Finest products. If you want to find out more about Finest, please ask your Account Manager or send an email to