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Delicate as a baby’s breath – Gypsophila

Soft like a cloud and available in various colours. The possibilities of styling the Gypsophila are endless, it looks cute within every bouquet or arrangement. Besides, the flower tells a story, which makes it the perfect flower in every decoration.

The bloom has a rich symbolism. When you gift a bouquet with Gypsophila, you give eternal and innocent love. It expresses a meaningful friendship or a “thank you”. Additionally, it is perfect for special occasions. Such as celebrating a wedding, baby shower or the arrival of a newborn. In some cultures it is even given to mothers after giving bird, whishing them good luck and a healthy life. 

Gypsophila is known as the perfect filler in a bouquet. This fragile and delicate beauty with its 1000’s tiny flower heads will radiate peace. Try to mix two kinds, to give it a more attractive and striking appearance. Since one specie has larger blooms than the other, they will strengthen each other.

Naturally, Gypsophila comes in two colours: white and pink. But by simply dying it, it can transform in every colour of the rainbow. Besides, the flower combines gorgeously with almost any flower, from a sunflower to an Orchid or Anthurium. This creates the opportunity to use this year-round product in a totally different way each season; the chameleon among flowers!