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Land life

The colour palette for this theme is inspired by the earth as seen from a distance, from space. A grey, cloudy sky, deep blue oceans and lighter lakes, forests and fields.

All these shades of blue instil a sense of confidence and clarity and are combined with nature's green to enrich our living space. We set a cosy atmosphere and create pleasant areas where we like to relax and reflect on the events of the year. Spending so much time on our digital lives awakens a desire for solidarity with nature and the earth. 

The animal and plant kingdoms offer plenty of inspiration. Colours, motifs, materials and design hint at animals and organic materials such as acorns, bark, leaves, nuts and fruit. The colours are unassuming and uncomplicated like those of our planet, and they are tempered by calming, softer shades such as creamy white, pumice, deep blue, clay, forest green, moss green, dove blue and lavender. These colours do not require a lot of attention and bright light; they just want to offer peace, clarity and security in changing times.