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A floral Easter

The chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies are already out in full force in stores, and there’s plenty of decorative items available to make your Easter a success. From happy egg cups to plastic baby chicks, colourful garlands and flowery tablecloths, the choice is almost overwhelming.

Time to do things a little differently this year, and look to nature with all its colourful glory to inspire our Easter brunch. From edible flowers to an egg shell vase- here’s to inspire your customers to celebrate a plant-filled Easter.

Easter plants and flowers

Of course, the tulip still reigns as queen of spring during Easter. But the hyacinth, buttercup, baby’s breath, marigold, and Mimosa are also excellent Easter contenders. You can combine all of them in a lush Easter bouquet with some wild leaves and branches, or honour them individually. Place a few flowers in old Mason jars, use empty eggshells as a vase, or place a few colourful plants (like a Begonia or Calathea) on the table as a centrepiece. Also fun: use an empty egg carton as planter for a few small, colourful succulents.



Stylish Easter brunch

The colour trends for Easter this year are the same as always – green, purple and yellow- but in pastel hues. Matching with this calm colour and material trends are tablecloths made from natural materials, and handmade ceramic dishes in pastel colours. Fill a bowl with naturally-coloured Easter eggs, using red cabbage, yellow eggs or cranberries for the dye. Decorate egg cups with some moss, and attach a few edible violets to the eggs with a piece of hennep string. Create an Easter terrarium in a glass jar or bell jar, using plants and flowers from your garden. Any decoration you can think of can be done with plants and flowers!

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