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Karma Plants – Customers first

Karma Plants is a family business, founded in 2000, that specialises in growing high-quality and sustainable Anthuriums, Jewel Orchids, Philodendrons and Botanical Anthuriums under the brand 'Karma Selections'.

All plants are equipped with the well-known growing system 'Grown with WaterWick', a sustainable and easy system in which each plant can water itself according to its needs. Besides the well-known benefits, such as ease to maintenance for both the chain and the consumer, there is another big advantage; it is the perfect alternative to peat and acts as a moisture buffer. This system guarantees the continued high quality and a beautiful sustainable product.

Did you know? The entire range from 7cm to 9cm and terrariums (Garden of Karma) is grown entirely in peat-free potting soil?  


"The focus is on our customers' needs and how we can best serve them", says co-owner Maurice Langelaan. The company has a clear vision for the future, with a focus on customers, innovations, sustainability, updates in the assortment and continuous movement on supply and demand.


A new pot Anthurium has recently been introduced, the KARMA Lipa Pink Mini, a compact and small-flowered, bushy plant with many round-shaped pink lipped flowers. An anthurium with a sweet appearance that stands out as an eye-catcher in any interior.

View Karma Plants product range here.