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It’s always Bromeliad season

It’s sometimes hard to imagine that Mother Nature created something so stunning, and yet it really exists. Brightly coloured bracts growing from the heart of the plant in the shape of a star or a flame arising from the fire. We are talking about bromeliads, of course. And luckily for us, these fascinating plants are available to us all year round.

There are over 2800 species of bromeliads, of which the most beautiful and easiest to care for have found their way into our homes as houseplants. Bromeliads don’t need a lot of care to stay beautiful. They only require a little water and access to light for us to enjoy their tropical appearance with spectacular colours and fabulous shapes. Unlike seasonal plants, bromeliads are always in season. Their flowering period lasts for months, although - unfortunately - most only bloom once. But don’t worry, the mother plant produces offshoots that you can enjoy later on. Although people often think the colourful parts of the bromeliad are its ‘flowers’, they are actually coloured bracts. The actual flowers are very small and hide themselves between these bracts. A bromeliad stands for ‘protection’, which refers to the full, green foliage that surrounds the beautiful coloured bracts.

Bromeliads have been around for a long time. Fossil specimens have been discovered that can be dated back 30 million years. So it’s safe to call them primaeval. Originally, the plants come from the rugged Andes mountains and the jungles of Uruguay, which is probably where their tropical vibe comes from. These days, they are found throughout Central and South America, where bromeliads are considered a gift from God.

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