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Noviflora provides indoor and outdoor landscapers, local governments and businesses with all the indoor and outdoor plants and advice they need to create a lush, green environment.

A green office is a healthy office
A green work place is an inspiring work place and provides a pleasant atmosphere. But more importantly, plants actively contribute to a healthier work environment. Plants can improve productivity, increase creativity, and boost people’s mental and physical health. Investing in plants means investing in the future of your company.

One stop shop

One stop shop for plants and service

We combine our passion for nature with service and offer a one stop shop for indoor and outdoor plants, plant pots and living walls. We offer a high-quality range of soil-based and hydroponic plants.


Looking for inspiration?

There are hundreds of different kinds of plants and flowers, and every building is unique. In other words, the possibilities for plantscaping are endless. In our magazine, we show you what's possible with examples of green offices and living walls, tips and inspiration, as well as the latest trends.

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Benefits of Plantscaping:

  • A green workplace increases creativity and productivity

  • Plants create a pleasant atmosphere, add some colour, and inspire

  • All orders are possible, no matter how big or small

  • Custom-made advice

  • Order via web shop, app or account manager


Curious to hear more about plantscaping for your building?

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