Interior Landscaping

Interior Landscaping

No interior without greenery!

Natural greenery in the workplace provides ambiance and colour, inspires and at least as important, it pays. Working in a green environment has a positive effect on people’s health and productivity. Anyone investing in greenery is investing in the future.

Plants provide a healthy and pleasant atmosphere both at home and at work and considerably reduce absence through illness. Beautiful plants make working spaces and accommodation more pleasant. Furthermore, well balanced interior planting creates an ambiance, emphasizes shapes, filters light and accentuates colours. However, plants also improve the working environment. They muffle noise, create privacy, raise the level of humidity and thus prevent health issues.

Noviflora provides you with an unprecedented assortment of different kinds
of plants. The correct choice of plants strongly depends on the climatic conditions in which the plants have to live. Plants are sourced from selected first-rate nurseries and meet the highest standards.

Our advisors provide tailor made advice. With our many years of experience and knowledge and our passion for plants, we are able to provide green solutions for every interior.

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