Ogreen 'clean machines'

Ogreen 'Clean Machines' is the new green plants concept of Noviflora that puts the vital, air purifying and durable characteristics of these selected green plants, on a central place’

Ogreen plants will help to enjoy a vital life -
Together, let’s make a better place to live in

You’ve long been aware that plants are beautiful and make any room more inviting. But plants can do much more than that. Ogreen plants ensure a more vital habitat where people feel more at home, display more creativity and perform better. In the future, Ogreen plants will be used to support goals for sustainability and ecological responsibility.

Ogreen plants absorb the toxic air and give you back a room space with clean oxygen.

Just like trees outside, houseplants also act as natural air fresheners. They transform CO2 into clean air and also filter out harmful substances from the air. This has been demonstrated by scientific research. Ogreen plants are being scientifically tested for their capacity to purify air.

Ogreen plants are biogradable. This makes Ogreen plants sustainable green.

Ogreen plants are grown according to an environmentally aware policy in which the MPS qualification A is the minimum standard. The packaging is sustainably produced and completely biodegradable, so it does no harm to the environment and our planet.

More profitable sustainability – for a sustainable future

If you would like to become a dealer or if you want more information about Ogreen plants, you can contact us at marketing@noviflora.nl