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Green is not a trend, it's a solution

Natural greenery in the workplace provides ambiance and colour, inspires and at least as important, it pays. Working in a green environment has a positive effect on people’s health and productivity. Anyone investing in greenery is investing in the future.

Healthy environments
Plants can help you live a healthy life- they clean the air we breathe, reduce stress, and even function as a natural air conditioning system. Studies have shown the many positive effects plants can have on a work environment-they improve productivity, enhance concentration, reduce sound pollution, and increase humidity. On top of that, a proper dose of greenery brings a burst of vital energy to any indoor space.

At CSI, we have access to Noviflora’s unbeatable selection of quality plants, and offer tailor-made advice for whatever kind of space you wish to green. Our staff, many of whom are former landscapers themselves, are fully trained and can help you find the green solutions you need.

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