NEW! The Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden – the concept of herbs, vegetable and fruit plants that may be marketed as edible products according to the EU standards.

Edible plants are governed by the same statutory EU labelling requirements as those for vegetables and fruit. According to these standards, plants may only be marketed as edible plants if they are accompanied by the Global G.A.P. Fruit & Vegetables or MPS Fruit & Vegetables certificate. This means that all products that consumers can expect to be edible must be accompanied by one of these certificates. Stores that also sell other foods may not offer any non-certified edible plants. Although these regulations entered into force several years ago, the European Commission's enforcement of them is becoming increasingly stringent.

The benefits of The Kitchen Garden: 
- edible plants/suitable for human consumption in accordance with the EU regulations
- solution for the mandatory certification
- the plants are Global G.A.P./MPS Fruit & Vegetables certified
- a striking appearance, with wooden garden labels with illustrations
- compatible with current culinary trends based on home fresh produce
- also suitable for planting, with label, in the consumer's kitchen garden
- recipe tips on the sticker
- extra option: complete sales concept, including wooden display

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