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Sustainable orchids

When it comes to sustainability, we’re seeing a lot of big developments in the land of orchids. During the Orchid Inspiration Days, we saw our LESS PLASTIC concept adapted by growers who are now also working with sustainable trays and covers. We couldn’t be more excited about this- together, this how we’ll build a more sustainable floriculture industry.

Sustainable cultivation
Growers are also working on their own sustainable innovations and initiatives. Green Balance presents organic orchids under the name 'pure bio.' They're the only flowering plant nursery in the Netherlands that can grow organically and use only organic fertilisers and pesticides. Van der Hoorn also grows orchids in a sustainable way, using a heat pump, aquifers, and green energy: eliminating the use of gas. At Ter Laak, they're investing in sustainable solutions that help preserve water, lower energy costs and decrease carbon emissions.

Green packaging
At Stolk Flora, you can get orchids with 100% sustainable packaging: potted in a Kokodama, with a tray and cover made from recycled paper. Last but not least, the newest development is happening at Hazeu Orchids. They're using pots made from 100% recycled plastic. The hexagonal pot uses less resources to produce, and there's a decrease in carbon emissions because less space is needed to grow and transport the orchids.

Browse our sustainable orchid collection in our webshop. And don't forget to take a look at these aqua solutions to increase your plants' shelf life.