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Sustainability at Noviflora

At Noviflora, being green is about more than just plants 

When it comes to sustainability, our thumbs are decidedly green. We care about our planet and our environment, and take the social and entrepreneurial responsibility to minimise our ecological footprint very seriously. We strive to bridge the gap between sustainable entrepreneurship and commercial reality, and always try to find the right balance between a healthy environment and strong financial results.

How does Noviflora promote sustainability?

An energy neutral headquarter

With the 900 solar panels on our rooftop, we can generate 200.000 kwh energy from the sun. This makes our HQ almost entirely energy-neutral.

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With every cc LESS PLASTIC. we save 1 full garbage bag worth of plastic.

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In our web shop, you can easily filter on Less Plastic and an Eco Friendly assortment., putting you in charge of deciding how sustainable you want to go.

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Scientific research

Going green is not a trend, it's a solution. We want to actively contribute to greening up our planet. That's why we participate in scientific research projects.

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We don't see sustainability as a unique business characteristic, but rather as the norm. Our clients can decide for themselves how sustainable they want their products to be.

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We've decided that is up to you how sustainable you want to be. You decide how high you want to raise the bar. We are here to help you out and offer you the transparency to make your own decisions. We will support you by taking a step forward.

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