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Garden centres

We get the ever-changing dynamics of a garden centre. Houseplants are a constant, a permanent addition to the assortment, available all-year round. Garden plants, on the other hand, change with the seasons and vary throughout the year, starting with bedding plants in the spring, following the changing weather all the way to calluna in the fall.

For garden centres, the challenge lies in being able to offer the right products at the right time, with the right amount of stock, every day of the year. Sometimes, that means truckloads filled with a particular product. Other times, it's just a small order. We know what you need and when, and which growers can provide the best product.

We can deliver the products you need, stress-free. Whether it's a small backorder of a standard Phalaenopsis or large amounts of violets and callunas; we understand your fluctuating needs and are ready to provide you with whatever you might require throughout the year.

The latest trends
We consider it our duty to always stay up to date about latest developments in the floricultural industry. We discover trends and bring them to your attention as fast as we can. You can find these trends in our web shop, where you can browse the latest discoveries whenever you'd like. On our website, you can also find Hunters, a tool we developed to give you an exclusive look inside the world of our Hunters as they visit growers both locally and across Europe.

Sharing knowledge
We want you to be successful selling the plants and flowers we provide. Thanks to our extensive experience, we have plenty of product knowledge and understand the needs of your customers like no other. We will gladly share our expertise with you to increase the success of your business; we offer advice and interesting deals, but also strong brands and marketing concepts that let you surprise and delight your customers.

Did you know that on average, the amount of plastic added to a plant trolley could fill an entire garbage bag? A little excessive, if you ask us. With our LESS PLASTIC. concept, we want to reduce the amount of plastic used in our industry. Our products are delivered without any unnecessary plastic packaging, and we keep the sealing of the trolleys to an absolute minimum. 

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