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We offer a smart and clever assortment of high- quality green and flowering indoor plants, garden plants and cut flowers, always providing an optimal mix of import and local products. We create our own brands and concepts based on our knowledge as well as inspiration to help you realise bettter results. Every day our Hunters add new findings, straight from their visits in the greenhouse to our online store.

A look inside our growers with Hunters
Besides your account manager, a team of product specialists also travels around the country for you on a daily basis. You can follow their adventures via our unique Hunters tool. Our 'Hunters' use the tool as they head out to scout new flowers and plants, which they share with you on the app as soon as they spot them, uploading new products for you to buy while they're still browsing around the nursery. Think of it as a kind of Instagram where you can follow our employees throughout Europe and order new products as soon as they're spotted. Read more

In our webshop, finding inspiration and ordering products is completely integrated. You order your products from the same online environment that provides interesting background information and keeps you up to date about the latest trends and developments in the floriculture sector.

Benefits of ordering plants online:
- Up-to-date stock and pricing information
- Order from your order history
- Broad range of products
- Custom orders possible
- Expert advice

Ordering flowers and plants online means knowing your products are fresher than fresh. We don't order the flowers and plants until you tell us to. Our useful filters make picking your products easy. You decide how sustainable you want to go with our eco-friendly filter. Use the Brand New filter for an overview of the newest products on the market or select the Musthaves filter to see the most relevant, popular plants of the season.

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