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Are you passioned about interior greening and do you see this as an added value for any space? And are you frequently asked for advice, whether this is about planting an office, brightening up the coffee shop at the corner or beautifying tilled areas? You will find everything you are looking for in our broad Plantscaping assortment.

As a customer of Noviflora, you can use our Plantscaping web shop in addition to our regular web shop. We combine our passion for nature and service, and offer an one-stop shop for everything you need to complete your plant design. From green statements, living walls and moss paintings, to planters and tools, such as insert sleeves and hydrometers. Curious about the assortment?

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Green provides a pleasant atmosphere, colour, it inspire, but more importantly: it has a positive effect on people’s health. Because of plants you will feel happier, have more energy, less stress and it increases the concentration, creativity and productivity. Plants are the perfect tool to create a pleasant, natural environment. Investing in plants means investing in the future. 

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Green has more positive effects on our living environment than on well-being alone. Green regulates rainwater drainage, supports biodiversity and it can limit the effects of noise pollution. A green roof increases the insultation value, which means lower heating costs during winter and less need for cooling during summer. Besides, people experience less heat stress due to green. From a tiny Pinus bonsai to a giant plant of 4 meters, we have everything to green-up your project. 


Our service doesn’t stop with plants only. We think it’s only finished when it’s complete. As the Dutch saying goes: “There’s a lid to every jar". Equally, there is a planter out there for every type of plant. Will you go for a neutral colour, a bold wooden planter, one with wheels or a sustainable one? Check out our wide assortment of planters. 


When you are ready to take the green statement a step further, vertical gardening it is! Whether this will be a vertical green system with plants or a moss wall design with different types of mosses, we have everything you need to create a signature, living wall to make the space come alive. Besides all these necessities, we have a wide variety of tools that come in handy for your project. A one-stop-shop to get everything you need. 


There are hundreds of different kinds of plants and every space is unique. In other words, the possibilities for Plantscaping are endless. Are you curious to hear more? We are happy to get in touch with you, to provide you with a personal service and give you the right tips and inspiration to create a green oasis. 

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