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Decide how green you want to go

At Noviflora being green is about more than just plants. We care about our planet and our environment and take the social and entrepreneurial responsibility to minimize our ecological footprint very seriously.

We've decided that is up to you how sustainable you want to be. You decide how high you want to raise the bar. We are here to help you out and offer you the transparency to make your own decisions. We will support you by taking a step forward.

Sustainably grown
If you ask us, sustainability isn’t a unique trait: it’s the new normal. And as a customer, you decide how green you want to go. In our webshop you can filter on ‘sustainably grown’, and find products grown in an eco-friendly way (MPS-A or higher).

You can find an overview of all the MPS scores we work with here

The MPS ABC certification indicates the performance of a grower in terms of fertilizers, pesticides, energy and waste. A grower can be awarded a certificate on three different levels: MPS-A, MPS-B and MPS-C. If a grower has the MPS-A certification, it means their business is the most environmentally-friendly. MPS-A+ is the most strict certification, only given to true leading, sustainable businesses. MPS-ProductProof (PP) ensures the transparency of the use of active ingredients in cultivation. Independent samples taken from products used can be shown not to contain certain harmful ingredients within 24 hours.  MPS-NP is the highest certification a grower can get within MPS-PP. The certificate and samples taken show that the active ingredients used for cultivation are allowed within organic production.

Less Plastic
Less Plastic refers to our Noviflora concept in which the only plastic used to contain a product is its pot while the rest of the packaging consists of materials that can be recycled.

With our Less Plastic concept we are cutting down on waste by reducing the plastic, bringing single-use packaging down to an absolute minimum. With the concept we tackle waste as well as encourage other brands and growers to rethink and reduce plastic. We are extremely proud that several other companies/ growers embraced this new way of thinking. For a complete overview of all Less Plastic items: use the Less Plastic. Filter in our webshop. Together we make the world a greener place.

Eco Friendly
'Eco-friendly' products are ones contained in ecologically friendly packaging provided by our growers.

Ogreen helps you live a healthy and vital life. The Ogreen plants, known as Ogreen Clean Machines, have all been thoroughly tested and proven to clean at least 10m2 of air in your home, school or office.

Much like outdoor plants, Ogreen plants absorb harmful toxins from the air we breathe. Created by everyday products like nail polish or cleaning supplies, volatile organic compounds float around our well-insulated homes with nowhere to go, and can have negative consequences for your health. One Ogreen Clean Machine can clean up to 30m2 of air, improving indoor air quality whilst creating a pleasant green indoor environment. Ogreen plants come from sustainable growers and are shipped in biodegradable packaging.