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Low Light Lovers

While some people can't get enough of those cosy, dark winter months, others can’t wait for the return of long, light summer evenings. It’s the same way with plants. Although every house plant needs sunlight to survive, there are some plants that do well with very little of it. Nice to have those low-light lovers in the house during the dark days!

Is your windowsill already completely filled with plants, and do you have a dark corner left somewhere? The Calathea doesn’t need much light. In fact, the leaves with the most beautiful patterns will fade in a lot of light -- and wouldn’t that be a waste! Did you know that this house plant closes its leaves in the evening, only to open them again in the morning? The Aglaonema is another plant that proves that shade-loving plants don’t have to be boring. In its natural habitat it grows under a dense canopy of leaves, so it is used to living in dark areas. The popular Zamioculcas can take anything, including a spot in the shade. The fresh green can dress up any corner. Lastly, mother-in-law's tongue, or Sansevieria. Although the name may sound thrilling, this plant is really anything but. It is easy to care for and also tolerates shade well.