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Our achievements so far

While we plan to make the world greener than ever before, we’re proud of what we’ve already achieved.

 A practically energy neutral head office as a result of installing 900 solar panels on our roof.

 Our own LESS PLASTIC. concept: an assortment that eliminates all unnecessary plastic and is packaged using green, sustainable methods. With each cc trolley, our LESS PLASTIC. concept eliminates the use of 1 full garbage bag of plastic. Since the start in August 2018, we have already saved no less than 2,485 garbage bags and this number continues to increase every week. Our ideas have also inspired various growers who are now creating a sustainable line of products. 

 Since we added sustainable items to our assortment, it now consists of at least 20% sustainable items. 

 We added filters to our webshop based on various levels of sustainability (bio, LESS PLASTIC., eco-friendly & sustainably grown) to make it easy for our customers to find and buy sustainable products.