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El Cortador

Some people know them as feather grass, others as pampas grass or even as Cortaderia. But all these names lead to the same silky type of ornamental grass. Its fluffy fronds will turn any place super cosy in a jiffy.

For a calm, somewhat romantic look, the dried plumes are a perfect fit. Just a few of them in an elegant vase will give the right amount of detail. But there is something for everyone... If you want to improve the atmosphere in your home, why not try adding them to a bouquet of fresh flowers or to a colourful bunch of dried flowers! These combinations work well. And if you are looking to make things even more lively, you could use several dyed pampas feathers together. Orange, turquoise, fuchsia, nothing is too outrageous! 

Did you know that cortador is the Spanish word for "cutter"? There is a reason for this: the blades of these pampas grasses are razor sharp!