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Desert Delight

The hues of the earth are never far away and offer a much-needed addition to our modern day-to-day lives. They have their origins in the colours of Mother Earth and remind us of the shared origin of all countries and cultures.

The golden-pink hues of the Moroccan desert sand inspire just as much as the burnt orange from Mexico, and the sunny hues of Indian masala or Middle Eastern hummus spice up our palette. 


The colour palette is based on clay, sand, stone and earth, all of which are used as building materials around the world. Fundamental building blocks for people and their lives. These colours are at the heart of cultures around the world, and we have collected them for you to combine them into a relaxing and inspiring unity. Hummus, masala, earth, clay, warm red and desert pink are reminiscent of aromatic spices, simple homes built from natural materials and introverted, sincere shades.