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Wild and free: let the grass grow

Nothing says natural, easy-going and free like a garden filled with ornamental grasses. There’s something fascinating about a helm of grass. It’s delicate, soft, and moves gently in the wind without a care in the world.

There are hundreds of different kinds of grasses, and they’re incredibly easy to take care of. Just a bit of a trim in the spring and you’re good to go. In the recent, sustainable and wild garden trends, ornamental grasses can be found in all corners of the garden. As border plants, showpieces, or in pots or planters, as eye catchers or to fill up space between other plants.  Ornamental grasses don’t have to be perfect: it’s their wild side we like. Combine the grasses with other perennial, flowering plants to attract lots of bees, butterflies and birds for the perfect natural garden.

The grass isn’t always greener 

Or red, blue, maybe even pink with hints of white? Ornamental grass comes in far more colours than just green, making it the ideal, easy plant to mix and match. Not just consumers, but designers and landscape artists are fond of this plant as well. It’s easy to maintain and combines well with lots of different garden plants. Dutch garden designer Piet Oudolf always makes room for grasses in his designs, finding inspiration in their rich colours, movement, and natural beauty. From big and showy to small and subtle: there’s a grass out there for every garden.