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Celebrate the ball chrysanthemum

Summer’s end doesn’t have to mean the days of endless backyard flower parades are over. There is one hardy plant that refuses to give in to the shorter days, and continues to surprise us with its many coloured blooms even as the air gets crisp. Four reasons to celebrate our beloved ball chrysanthemum.

Instant flower festival
Thanks to its hundreds of tiny bright flowers, the chrysanthemum is a true floral wonder. You only need two or three of these globe-shaped shrubs to cloak your garden in a dazzling array of flowers.

Ready set autumn
Even when temperatures start to drop, the sturdy chrysanthemum keeps its head high and continues to bloom. Its flowers bloom in vibrant and bold fall colours from deep red and orange to yellow, purple, and pink. The blooms can last for months, right up until the end of November, cheering up even the gloomiest fall landscapes.

When frost arrives and your ball chrysanthemums are done blooming, place them in a cool but frost free area. When spring rolls around, cut their stems up to about a centimetre above the soil. You can return the plants to the garden around April, and they will start blooming again come autumn.

The perfect gift 
Any friends or family with fall birthdays? In Japan, the chrysanthemum is a symbol for a long and prosperous life. A meaningful gift that cheers up any garden or balcony.